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1.14 Falls (Do not place vibrators, power source and hose/cables where they may become a tripping hazard) Yes D 3 M 1.15 Falling Objects (Units shall only to be utilised on secure formwork)(Safety strap shall be provided and used at all times) Yes D 3

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Near miss 1. Page 1 of 8 NEAR MISS OBSERVATION AND ELIMINATION OF HAZARDS DOCUMENTATION SEMI-ANNUAL REVIEW 2014 Date Near Miss Observation (WHAT) Potential Hazard (WHY) How Eliminated (ACTION) Mar 1 2014 Step at

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18/8/2020· The Correct Way to Wind a Garden Hose. Pricing a new garden hose can give you new respect for this garden stalwart. Hose are regularly dragged and stretched across rough

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If you are planning to use a hose to drain the dehumidifier’s water bucket, make sure the unit is loed close enough to the floor drain or sump to avoid the need for a long and unwieldy hose. Do not create a tripping hazard! Summary There are many other

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If you are planning to use a hose to drain the dehumidifier’s water bucket, make sure the unit is loed near enough to the floor drain or sump to avoid the need for a long and unwieldy hose. Don’t create a tripping hazard! Do not be alarmed if the air temperature

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and work free of potential tripping and slipping hazards such as tools, electrical cords, air lines and packaging materials? Reference 2.4.1. Q2-7. Are telephone and electrical cords loed where they do not pose a tripping hazard? Reference Q2-8. Are


4 Air hammer build up. Falling in downleg. Noise. Falling build-up. Hose coming apart. Make sure scaffolding boards are covering downleg properly. Be aware of surroundings. Wear gloves, face shield, acid jacket, ear plugs and ear muffs. Use safety harness and

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Hose, cord, and cable reels are essential components on service trucks, mechanic trucks, lube trucks, and skids. Our reels are the preferred choice for increasing worksite safety and efficiency by managing hoses, cables, and cords neatly and conveniently by

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Industrial reels are strong, reliable and improve safety conditions in the workplace by eliminating loose cord or hose slack that could create a tripping hazard. Most industrial reels automatically retract instead of requiring manual rewinding.

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handle will be towards the front of the Roll Stand. 5. Attach the 18-inch air hose to the VT Unit connector on the air manifold. 6. Warning: Make sure the power cord does not drag on the floor and present a tripping hazard. 5. Transfer patient to desired loion

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4/9/2020· Portable air conditioners work by chilling warm room air using refrigerants, and exhausting the hot air that is a by-product of this process out of the room through a hose. [1] X Research source In order for your air conditioner to work, you must ensure that this hot air is successfully vented out of the room, preferably through a window to the outside.

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F. Air hoses shall be loed so they do not present a tripping hazard. G. Trigger shall not be locked in case the tool needs to be stopped quickly. H. Airline hose section connections shall be pinned together to prevent against separation.

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Do not plug Other appliances into the same outlet; this could overload the outlet and create a fire hazard. Make sure the air conditioner and cord are positioned where they do not create a tripping hazard and will receive adequate ventilation.

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• Do not operate the power unit if gasoline odor is present. • Do not use flammable solvents around the power unit engine. • Do not operate the power unit within 3.3 ft/1 m of buildings, obstructions or flammable objects. • Do not reverse tool rotation direction by

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Health and Safety Executive Slips and trips: Hazard spotting checklist Page 3 of 7 Potential issue Tick if ‘yes’ Suggested action Entrances (continued) Are there any trip hazards in the area, eg trailing cables, deliveries, mats with curled up edges, or other

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Selecting Between Supplied Air and Powered Air Making the best choice for protecting your company''s workers involves weighing several factors. By Brian Shockley, QSSP May 01, 2003 THE process of

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and to make the annexed Regulations respecting occupational safety and health made under Part IV of the Canada Labour Code, in substitution therefor, effective March 31, 1986.Part I 1.1 [Repealed, SOR/2002-208, s. 2] Interpretation 1.2 In these Regulations, Act

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high-pressure water, tripping over hose. Inspect hose before use and replace it if it looks worn. Page 2 of 3 Pluer Job Hazard Analysis Office of Environmental Health and Safety

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Cable protector ramp with 3 generous channels Protects cables and hoses up to 40mm diameter in central channel Dimensions: 1200(L) x 68(H) x 210(W) mm Central channel dimensions: 50(H) x 45(W) mm Two outer channel dimensions 15 x 15mm The ramp is


tripping hazard, and (l) not point a tool at any person if it ejects pins, nails or any other projectiles. Work in explosive Air tool supply lines (3) A worker shall not use a pneumatic portable tool or air hose so as to direct the air stream against any person. (4) A

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not properly purged of air or moisture? a. Fading of the odorant in the cylinder b. Unusually low service pressures c. Regulator overheating d. Inaccurate weight when filling 7. The proper total weight of the filled cylinder is equal to tare a. 52% of water capacity

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must not allow access by children or pets to prevent distraction and injury. • Route the air hose along a safe route to reach the work area without creating a tripping hazard or exposing the air hose to possible damage. • Place the object(s) to be sandblasted in an area

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Aerial Inspection & Operations MCFRS Driver Certifiion Program Page 6 of 19 Aerial - Module 1 Some elevating platforms are equipped with a 2½” discharge which provides flexibility for using the aerial platform to stretch attack lines to an elevated structure.

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26/2/2015· If not, it’s an easy overfill, which can lead to accidents later on. #5. Store hoses safely, away from heat and sunlight. A cracked or broken hose can cause serious injury. Hoses are best stored on a hose reel for longer life, and to avoid tripping hazards. #6

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If an air hose is more than½ inch (1.27 cm) in diameter, a safety excess flow valve should be installed at the source of the air supply to shut off the air automatically in case the hose breaks. In general, the same precautions should be taken with an air hose that are recommended for electric cords, because the hose is subject to the same kind of damage or accidental striking, and it also